Medical Solution Review

Medical Solution Review

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Hospital San Cristóbal, Carretera 506 Coto Laurel, Area Sur, PR 00780


Reviews and Tutorials for USMLE by Medical Solution Review
Information about our USMLE courses

The review is offered by professor who have experience offering courses in schools of medicine in Puerto Rico, United States, Canada and Spain. They have Ph.D degree have carried out research and publications in scientific journals. They are updated since they participate in international scientific conferences and collaborate with the Committee on questions of regulatory agencies.

Our mission is the commitment to the development of competent individuals in the field, able to contribute effectively to economic and social progress of the geographical area of residence.

Our vision is to prepare medical students and graduates of doctor of medicine with the corresponding academic skills to take the exams required for graduation or continue their preparation medical.

Excellence: As maximum standard in teaching, research and service.
Freedom: Of thought and expression as the indispensable basis for the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge
Respect: For the diversity and dignity of the human being.
Integrity: In all its actions as an educational entity.
Equity: Recognizing the value of education as a tool for access to better opportunities and the development of the potential of the human being. Innovation: Constant to ensure the relevance of its programs and services.
Innovation: Constant to ensure the relevance of its programs and services.
Social Responsibility: To the needs of the community of the country and of mankind of which we are part.

Áreas de servicio

  • Area Sur
    • Arroyo
    • Coamo
    • Guayama
    • Guayanilla
    • Juana Diaz
    • Patillas
    • Penuelas
    • Ponce
    • Salinas
    • Santa Isabel
    • Yauco


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