CONTIGO Behavioral Community Clinical Center

CONTIGO Behavioral Community Clinical Center

Dirección física

Located within the grounds of the Hospital Ramón Ruiz Arnau Laurel Avenue Santa Juanita, Bayamón Area Metro, PR 00960



The Center for Program and Services Evaluation (CPSE) is an applied center within Universidad Central del Caribe, School of Medicine in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, which provides external evaluation and research, service. CPSE encourages the use of data to support program and policy development, decision-making, and accountability in order to determine program effectiveness and organizational capacity. Proper design, planning and implementation of activities are carefully conducted and monitored. Consultation, services are provided to all types of organizations and/or Individuals.

We treat:

Depression, anxiety & traumatic experiences.

Family and couple’s problems.

Addiction to: substances, gambling, sex, food, among others.

Sleeping difficulties and their effects.

Memory loss / dementia / Alzheimer’s and caregiver support.



Out-patient treatment

For mental health conditions, substance use disorders and neuropsychiatric diseases. Substance addiction is assisted by medication, including buprenorphine if the condition requires it. Some treatments are combined with complementary medicine (acupuncture or massage therapy).

Memory Clinic:

Provides treatment by an interdisciplinary team, comprised of psychiatrists, neurologists and clinical psychologists, to individuals with memory problems. All aspects of memory are evaluated: mental processes, medical conditions and related behaviors. Treatment includes management and support strategies for family members and caregivers.

Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders Clinic:

Offers a multidisciplinary focus aimed at improving the quality of sleep, symptoms that occur during the day and performance of daily activities. Neurological, psychiatric and psychological treatment is integrated in order to maximize treatment effectiveness through the identification of comorbid conditions and interventions through modifications to sleeping habits.

Project Woman:

Offers specialized treatment to women with a history of substance use and traumatic experiences. A multidisciplinary team utilizes a welcoming approach in a safe and confidential environment. The treatment integrates prevention strategies for HIV and hepatitis infection.